Water Jewels


Living twice as long as cats and dogs,  Koi are beautiful water jewels, and they are as affectionate as any household pet would be.  The trick with Koi is that the less you, “mess” with their environment the longer they will live, I learned this lesson the hard way.  I thought I could quickly improve the green water problem by adding bottled algae control.  I was devastated,  when I began seeing them gulping air at the water’s surface, and then watched helplessly as my beautiful friends died one by one.

Often this is a typical response to the problems we face in our world. We seek out the “quick fix”, but experience teaches us that righting wrongs in our world, takes time and patience, and a large dose of Heavenly help.

I have new group of Koi now. Once again I can experience the joy of sitting at the edge of the pond after a day of weeding the garden, and watch my beautiful and gentle Koi. When I dangle my feet in the water, the Koi race over and gently nibble my toes.   The worries of the day float away as my friends come up for a visit and dinner. I better not dally or they will softly touch my leg as if to say; “here we are, glad your back, feed me”!


What do we miss in life.

Night Blooming Cereus

A simple discovery of a flower bud gave me inspiration on how we fail to notice so much in life that gives beauty and meaning to our existence.  I have a simple greenhouse attached to the side of my house. The environment is suited to cactus and succulents because the temperatures have the same extremes as the desert, hot during the day and cool at night.

Hanging from the ceiling is a odd looking plant that was my mothers and I adopted it when mom passed away after a courageous battle with cancer.  This plant has to hang from above because it has branches that sprawl everywhere and they have an unsightly look.   I love plants, but this particular one has the annoying habit of grabbing my hair when I would walk under its long  and spiny limbs.  It owes its continued existence on the fact that it requires little attention. The day I discovered the flower bud changed all that. I walked under and ducked as usual and a tug on my hair made me look up in aggravation, what I saw before me was a 6 inch flower bud. The first thing that came to mind was that the flower will be huge.  I then felt a little guilty that I couldn’t remember the name of the plant.  I said a prayer to mom to please refresh my memory, it has been 10 years since I gave it a thought.   It wasn’t too long before I remembered the name; Night Blooming Cereus! A quick internet search provided the more information. The author gave a description of a miraculous flower that will only bloom at midnight and be gone in the morning. So with a renewed interest I decided to keep vigil on this flower bud.  I spent the evening creeping quietly into the greenhouse, which upon reflection is silly, nothing was going to stop this flower from blooming. Finally, armed with my camera, I eagerly turned on the greenhouse light, right at midnight, and beheld the most magnificent flower I had ever laid eyes on. The luminous pedals resembled white feathers and the center of the flower was glowing gold, and extending outward and draping the floor of the flower like a beautiful peacock tail, were the long, white anthers. The flower itself  was 8″ long and 5″ wide, but the fragrance, filling the room, from that single bloom,was the most remarkable attribute. The aroma was unlike anything earthy, a Heavenly perfume. If only that could be bottled.

The next day nothing remained of this awe inspiring event!

I reflect on the majesty of Gods creation in all things great and small. How often over the years have I missed not only this beautiful event, only grumbling when it would grab my hair, but so many other wonders that God provided for my pleasure and enjoyment. Fortunately for me, this time, the flower reached out and grabbed my attention so I would see the gift it had to offer.

Now as I pass by this old friend I feel a special bond.  We share a secret and I have learned a valuable life lesson. I am working to overcome my spiritual laziness.


Hello world!

I have had this blog sense September 27, 2011 and it was just one more thing in this world of media, media, media.  I joined and that was it.  My lack of attention does show. I encounter so many unusual events so maybe it would be nice to share my perspective with the world and if someone enjoys what I observe that is wonderful.